About Us

Finding Capital is an all new, innovative commercial financial brokerage firm dedicated to securing the best loan bespoke to your business’ requirements.

We pride ourselves on surpassing all client expectations by establishing a relationship that not only gives us an understanding as to what type of loan you require, but by giving honest advice that ensures that the finance we offer works hand in hand with your business.

Rest assured, that after a conversation with one of our representatives we will have compared and narrowed down our large panel to a handful of potential lenders who specifically cater for what it is that your business needs.

On top of this, Finding Capital is one of the few companies providing high quality analysis in this sector. We work with Dun&Bradstreet to generate the most detailed company and business reports available on the market. Suitable for every company size; from sole trader to multi-national corporations. Such reports show detailed business transactions of your organisation or for one that you seek information.

Please head over to our “Comprehensive Business Report” page to find out more.

We strive to provide a fast and genuine service, offering you a variety of different funding solutions and business analysis granting your business the flexibility to grow and develop.